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Contract laboratories routinely provide analysis of wastewater, surface water and groundwater by EPA methods, which require a high degree of quality control and results management.


Out-of-the-box, LabSpeed provides solutions for most of the contract laboratory’s requirements for data validation, quality control, species conversions, subset elements, data archiving and electronic reporting.

Trace Elemental Analysis

ICP and ICP/MS are ideal instruments for trace elemental analysis and other impurities in water.  Topos provides LabSpeed Add-Ins for several OES and MS models by different instrument manufacturers. 


Spectro Analytical Instruments

   Arcos™ (ICP)

   Genesis™ (ICP)


Thermo Fisher Scientific

   iCAP™ 6000 Series (ICP)

   IRIS Intrepid™ (ICP)


   PlasmaLab™ VG / X Series (MS)

   TraceScan (ICP)


   ICAP 61/61E (ICP)

   AtomScan 16/25 (ICP)

   PolyScan 61E (ICP)


Leeman Labs:

   Prodigy™ (ICP)

   Prism™ (ICP) 


pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen

Topos also provides LabSpeed Add-Ins for several Multi-Meter models by different instrument manufacturers. 


Thermo Fisher Scientific:

   Star Meter Series (pH, ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen)


VWR International:

   SympHony Meter Series (pH, ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen)


Water Analysis2.gif

Quality Control

EPA methods require tight control over the elemental analysis process with regulations that require control samples be analysed at regular intervals to check for calibration drift and accuracy of results.   LabSpeed can be used to check control results and flag the data with colors or special characters.  Elements that fail MCL (Maximum Control Limits) can also be color-coded and reported with custom pass/fail status reports.


Species Conversions

Many times, the analysis results are not in final form.  With LabSpeed’s powerful Formula Builder, additional data fields may be added and custom calculations performed on the instrument data before it is charted, printed or exported. This feature can be used to perform species conversions and other data corrections.  For example, LabSpeed could be instructed to report Ca as CaCO3 or Hg as CH3Hg.  LabSpeed can also be used as a standalone data analysis package to graphically investigate historical data trends such as might be needed in wastewater treatment facilities.


Data Transfer and Data Archival

LabSpeed provides unparalleled data transfer control and can be configured to automatically transfer analytical results as they are collected by the instrument in a variety of formats to a company LIMS system or to other computers in the office.  LabSpeed has its own special format for saving a sequence of data along with all reports and tables for secure archival.  These files can later be read back into LabSpeed to display the original data and reports instantly.


Electronic Reporting

Reports may be customized with company logo and for the needs of individual customers, such as for reporting a subset of the analysed elements.  All Reports may be printed or converted to PDF or HTML format for electronic reporting.


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