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Metal Standards.bmp The metals industry requires robust and powerful statistics software, alloy verification and automated data transfer options in order to control metals processing and to ensure quality and consistency in the final product.  Out-of-the-box, LabSpeed provides solutions for most of the metals industry requirements for data interpretation, custom calculations, alloy identification, statistical process control and data transfer.


Solid Sampling Analysis

The metals industry's choice for ingot, alloy and other solid sample elemental analysis is Spark Optical Emmission Spectroscopy and X-ray Fluorescence.  Topos provides LabSpeed Add-Ins for several Spark OES and Handheld XRF models by different instrument manufactures in order to provide comprehensive SPC, Alloy Identification and automated data transfer capabilities. 


Bruker AXS Elementa Spark OES:

   Q4 Tasman™

   Q6 Columbus™

   Q8 Magellan™

   Q8 Coronado™


Bruker AXS Handheld XRF:


    S1 SORTERtm


Spectro Analytical Instruments Spark OES





Spectro Analytcal Instrumnents Handheld XRF:



Thermo Fisher Scientific

   ARL One Sparktm




Metals Titlebar.bmp



Data Transfer

LabSpeed provides unparalleled data transfer control and can be configured to automatically transfer analytical results as they are collected by the instrument in a variety of formats to multiple locations simultaneously throughout an organization, such as to an ERP system or to computers in the office and on the foundry / casting floor.  LabSpeed can also be configured to automatically print specific reports to any number of networked printers.  Final destinations can be controlled based on sample identification filters that the user can pre-specify, such as alloy type, furnace type or even operator-entered code.   The analyses of raw materials, intermediate melts and finished products can be simultaneously monitored.  The floor manager is always in complete control of what types of data are monitored, what data is exported and printed and where it is ultimately sent.


Statistical Process Control

For industries that historically employ statistical solutions for process control, LabSpeed provides a complete set of interactive SPC charts, including XChart, RChart and element concentration charts.  Users can quickly determine if a process is in control through calculated quantities such as 1, 2 and 3-Sigma upper and lower control limits, Process Capability Index (Cpk) and WECO rules result.  Data can be reviewed in a variety of 2D or 3D gallery display formats such as frequency polygons, histograms and box-plots. 


Alloy Identification and Verification

For metal manufacturers that require tight control over the alloy manufacturing process or for scrap identification, LabSpeed can be used to match analytical results against a custom Alloy Grade Library.  Best matching grades can be reported and Pass/Fail results can be displayed and printed in color or on charts to monitor concentrations of specific elements.


Controlled Output

Many times, the analysis results are not in final form.  With LabSpeed’s powerful Formula Builder, users can add additional data fields and perform custom calculations on the instrument data before it is charted, printed or exported. This feature can be used to perform data corrections and to apply logic to control final data output.  LabSpeed can also be used as a standalone data analysis package to graphically investigate historical data trends and to generate custom reports and tabular data displays.


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